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InoTec assists in shaping the future of companies with its consultancy services. Visit our website to obtain more information regarding our consultancy services that will take your company into the future.

InoTec Academy

Take advantage of our general or tailored to your company training programs to prepare for the future by investing in your employees and increasing your intellectual capital.

Web Applications
Analysis and Benchmarking Systems

Visit our website to analyse your company and management systems, benchmark against similar organizations and to develop a road map for its develpment according to the critera or management systems prepared by InoTec consultants.

You are able to analyse your company according to the below-given critera and standards.
  • 12K Strategic Management System,
  • 12K R&D Management System,
  • 12K HR Strategic Management System,
  • ISO Management Standards Benchmarking with ISO-SCAN
  • InoPro
    Strategy Application and Project Management System

    InoPro offers the world’s very first web platform integrating Strategic Planning and Project Management applications.

    With the platform of choice for numerous prestigous companies,

    you can manage your company’s internal communications and work distribution, plan your company’s future and bring all processes of the project plans you have created under control.
    Octopus Program
    Multi-Competence Analysis and Development System

    The Octopus System is a web-based application that determines the occupational competencies with regard to the areas of expertise required by companies (Quality, Production, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Planning etc.) in accordance with European Union standards and

    aims for experts to analyse and develop themselves. The Octopus Program is made up Analysis and Benchmarking, Online Tests, and Online and Class Training components.